Brian Williams

Brian is the VP of Tech Community at Primary Venture Partners.


Prior to joining Primary, Brian’s experience includes heading up engineering recruiting for Grovo and cofounding IMC Associates - a boutique tech recruiting agency.  Brian is a former engineer turned entrepreneur/tech recruiter. He is passionate about open source technology, and has been involved in the NYC Tech community for over a decade.

The Rest of the Story

I grew up in the garden part of the Garden State with reasonable goals of becoming either a professional baseball player or a rock star.  Although passionate about sports and music, the entrepreneur bug hit me after watching my father leave his corporate America job as a print buyer for Peugeot and starting a printing company.  After many manual labor “startups” as a teenager, I fell hard into technology and ultimately started consulting as the “tech kid.”  Withstints in marketing and sales in my early 20s (and a combination of unbridled optimism and fierce work ethic), I co-founded and ran a successful tech recruiting agency.  I’ve been part of the startup scene in NYC since before there was a scene, and I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs build and scale companies with their most important asset: people.  I have a huge passion for technology and believe that the organizational impact of great engineering mind is immeasurable.

Other fun stuff: I’m incredibly competitive, I love skiing, I see at least one live music concert a month, I’m left handed, I'm highly sarcastic, and I believe in the Oxford comma.

Stuff You Wouldn't Know

First Job: I worked at a video store that rented VHS tapes and Nintendo games.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Clerks, it was a lot like that.

Most humbling life experience: In 2013, I traveled on a philanthropic endeavor to Kenya.  I was given the opportunity to visit the villages and be there for the ground-breaking ceremony for schools we had raised money to build.  To me, there is no more humbling experience than 200+ village children wanting to shake your hand in appreciation for providing four cement walls and a cistern for clean drinking water.

Random fact: I’m 6’5”, but I’m awesome at jump rope and pretty good at handstands.  Seriously.