Consumer continues its reign in Q4

We closed out 2018 with deals and dollars holding relatively steady from Q3, with 46 deals bringing in $81.6 million in total funding. Average deal size in Q4 was consistent with Q3, continuing the upward trajectory of deal sizes that we’ve been witnessing over the past five years.

Consumer startups took the cake in Q4, making up 26% of all rounds, with emphasis on new marketplaces and platforms that ease the travel experience. Enterprise SaaS platforms and health and wellness deals made up 24% and 15% of Q4 deals, respectively.


The Primary NYC Seed Deal Report covers all NYC seed deals - which we define as $250K-$3.5MM - that have been publicly announced in each quarter. Data is sourced from Crunchbase and Primary Venture Partners research. If you know of any deals that we’ve missed in this report, please contact us at!



Beam Impact, LLC: Beam is an impact-driven loyalty platform that lets users contribute to the issues they care about when buying from the places they love. $1,125,000 | Ulu Ventures, HearstLab, Brilliant Ventures, Able Partners

Clyde: Clyde is an ecommerce plugin that connects businesses, insurers and customers to improve businesses' bottom line and offer a great customer service. $3,000,000 | Starting Line, Red Sea Ventures, Rainfall Ventures, RRE Ventures, Expa

Envizzo: Envizzo is a marketplace that connects hospitality operators to product manufacturers across various home furnishing categories. $935,000

Fly with Breeze: Fly with Breeze is currently operating in stealth mode. $775,000

Great Jones: Great Jones is a modern kitchen company that equips, encourages, and inspires people to cook more frequently. $3,350,000 | General Catalyst, Steph Korey, Jen Rubio

Hello La Mode: Hello La Mode offers an online marketplace that enables users to find, buy and sell used clothing and accessories. $500,000

Journy: Journy creates travel plans using recommendations from top chefs, sommeliers and local experts. $3,150,000 | Pear Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Caviar

Noken: Noken is reinventing how we plan and enjoy trips. $2,500,000 | Bessemer Ventures Partners, Primary Venture Partners, BBG Ventures

Pair Eyewear: Pair Eyewear is an eyewear brand designed and made specifically for children. $1,000,000 | Precursor Ventures, Outbound Ventures, Corigin Ventures, Bolt Ventures

Plevo: Plevo is a lifestyle brand that produces affordable smart luggage. $1,000,000

Vertoe: On-demand short-term storage. $1,850,000 | ff Venture Capital, Techstars, Mintian Capital, Ingwe Capital

Ziel: Ziel is a retail-as-a-service platform for leaders of health and wellness communities to create and sell on-demand, custom performance wear. $1,450,000

Enterprise SaaS

CodeStream: CodeStream puts team chat directly into most popular IDEs, making it easier for developers to talk about code and write software together. $3,200,000 | S28 Capital, Y Combinator, PJC, David Carlick

CorpAxe: CorpAxe is a consolidated platform for aggregated and standardized sell-side marketing and consumption. $1,250,000 operates as a communication hub that replaces email. $1,500,000 | Marc Michel, John Suh

OnSiteIQ: OnSiteIQ is a tech-enabled construction visual documentation and risk assessment service. $2,000,000 | Anthemis Group, MetaProp NYC

Scala Computing: Scala Computing is a secure, scalable platform for running high-performance computing in the cloud. $1,500,000

Seva: Seva is a unified search platform that helps knowledge workers discover and organize the information they need at work. $2,400,000 | Avalon Ventures, Studio VC, Olivier Pomel

The Shelf: The Shelf helps brands reach their target audience at scale using authentic, data-driven stories from trusted online influencers. $1,385,000

Skopenow: Skopenow is an analytical search engine for discovering fraud, threat and risk. $2,500,000 | Runway Venture Partners, MS&AD Ventures

Tokr: Tokr allows consumers to design a cannabis experience that is customized to fit their lifestyle. $485,000

Vowel: Vowel is a platform that captures and unlocks the power and insight in every company’s conversations. The company is currently in stealth mode. $3,099,000

WhizAI: WhizAI is a conversational intelligence platform for sales and marketing. $1,100,000 | Trigyn Technologies


Cogni: Cogni is a lifestyle banking platform designed for the future of work. $1,700,000

Titan: Titan is a high-quality asset manager that builds, manages and explains investment strategies for retail investors. $2,500,000 | Y Combinator, Maverick Ventures, Liquid 2 Ventures, BoxGroup

Health & Wellness

Act+Acre: Act+Acre is a modern hair wellness brand that will make you think differently about the health and care of your hair. $2,999,000

Akelos, Inc.: Akelos is a biotech company developing non-narcotic drugs for the treatment of neuropathic pain. $295,000

Care+Wear: Care+Wear designs innovative healthwear to create more positive and effective healing experiences for patients everywhere. $2,433,000

ConBody: ConBody is a prison-style bootcamp that hires formally incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. $269,000

E-Thera: E-Thera is operating in stealth mode. $731,000

Relish: Relish delivers a personalized plan to make your relationship more satisfying and more likely to last. $2,200,000

Spheryx: Spheryx provides services and instruments for data analytics in the R&D space. $525,000

Real Estate

Landis: Landis changes the way we buy and sell real estate properties. $2,000,000 | Signia Venture Partners, Red Swan Ventures, Radical Ventures, Nav Athwal, Kima Ventures, Joel Peterson, Graph Ventures

Properly: Properly is the first cloud-based real estate agency that saves homeowners thousands of dollars when selling their home. $1,500,000 | NextView Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, Warby Parker, TaskRabbit, Casper, BuzzFeed


AlgiKnit: AlgiKnit is a biomaterials company integrating science and design into textile production. $2,200,000 | Horizons Ventures, SOSV

Boma Global: Boma Global is a global network supporting business leaders, politicians, educators and entrepreneurs. $1,250,000

Chief: A private network of exceptional women. $3,000,000 | Primary Venture Partners, XFactor Ventures, Silas Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners, BoxGroup, BBG Ventures, Alexa von Tobel, Accel, Able Partners

HEVO Power: HEVO provides a seamless, safe and universal wireless charging solution for electric vehicles. $750,000 | Ulu Ventures

INHOUSE: INHOUSE is a highly curated membership club for people who care about restaurants. $2,000,000

Kinvolved: Kinvolved galvanizes schools and communities around a shared goal of increasing student achievement by minimizing absenteeism. $1,500,000 | The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, u2i, Impact Fund, New York Ventures, GingerBread Capital, Excell Technology Ventures

Lorem: Lorem provides instant access to high-quality and affordable freelance web developers and designers. $2,500,000 | Flybridge Capital Partners, HubSpot, Fresco Capital, Founder Collective, FJ Labs

Mental Canvas: Mental Canvas is developing a new graphical media that fills the gap between 2D drawings and 3D models. $2,000,000 | M12

Respondent Inc.: Respondent is a marketplace that connects researchers with research participants for qualitative research studies. $3,000,000 | Alium Capital

Stringr: Stringr operates an online marketplace that enables media content contributors to upload and submit digital content. $1,000,000 | The McClatchy Company, The Associated Press, Ned Lamont, G5 Capital LLC, Advection Growth Capital

Topos: Topos creates location intelligence products that provide new social, cultural and business insights about neighborhoods and cities. $1,920,000

Vivvi: Vivvi provides employer-sponsored, on- and near-site childcare for companies of all sizes. $2,249,000

Primary NYC Seed Deal Report: Q4 2018