7 Things You Didn't Know About Primary Venture Partners


We recently had the honor of sitting down with Jeremy Shinewald, host of “Smart People Should Build Things,” the Venture for America Podcast, and we encourage you to give it a listen.

You already know about our focus on early-stage SaaS and NextGen Commerce companies in New York City. And you probably also know about our unwavering strategy for helping our portfolio companies through a combination of talent and platform support. But there’s a lot you may not know – about our background, what brought us together, our view of the world. Tune in to the podcast to learn more about…

  • How the marriage of Ben and Brad – two entrepreneurs from different sides of the coin – came about, and bred a compelling alternative to the traditional VC model
  • How Ben got an early start in entrepreneurship, bussing tables and running deliveries at his parents’ restaurant in Tribeca
  • How Brad’s “liberal arts education in the business world” (aka, consulting) ultimately drove him to the investment world
  • How extreme bootstrapping techniques helped Ben’s first company, Community Connect, weather the dot-com bubble 
  • How a seemingly innocuous game of pick-up basketball can shift one's trajectory
  • How we’ve built out our platform with the singular purpose of helping our portfolio companies navigate the road from Seed to Series A
  • Why we’re so hot on the NYC Tech market right now

We hope you enjoy the podcast!


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