In Q3, Healthcare, NextGen Commerce and VR Take the Cake

As we reported in our Q3 NYC Seed Deal Report, Q3 saw a steep drop-off in FinTech deals, though NextGen Commerce saw a bit of a revival from previous quarters, with specific focus on consumer-oriented marketplaces and consumer education platforms. Healthcare platforms continue to attract investors, especially innovative patient communication tools, and space-age technologies - which have made a big splash on the West Coast - are increasingly finding a home in New York, with a number of drone, virtual reality and AI startups receiving funding in Q3. Below, we've broken out all Seed deals that were announced in Q3.

Please note that the Primary NYC Seed Deal Report covers only those Seed deals - which we define as $250K-$3.5MM - that have become public. We know there are deals that have closed but not yet been announced, including some of our own, and those will be added in once they are public. If you know of any deals that have not been included in this report, please contact us at!

Q3 2016: Completed Deals

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NextGen Commerce

AptDeco: A simple platform for buying and selling used furniture. $2.52MM

Hooch: A members-only cocktail app. Members receive one cocktail every day for just $9.99 per month from dozens of bars around New York and LA. $950K | Blue Scorpion Investments

MikMak: An app that lets you watch and shop from short infomercials. $3.2MM | Vayner Media, Slow Ventures, MX Investments, UTA Ventures, BRaVe Media Ventures

ProFormance Foods: Creator of ProTings, protein chips catering to health-conscious individuals looking to add protein to their snacking. $1.2MM

SidelineSwap: An online marketplace for athletes to buy and sell gear. $1.5MM | FJ Labs, Maria Thomas, Fabrice Grinda, Nnamdi Okike, Marc Michel, Jason Fiedler, Thomas Lehrman, Jesse Bardo, Nicolas Wittenborn, Fullstack Sports Ventures


Fluent City: A “culture school” that encourages adults to come together to explore food, drink, art, language and beyond. $2.5MM | Lerner Investments, New Ground Ventures, 1776, Learn Capital

KidPass: A membership platform that helps parents discover and book children’s activities, including exclusive events, museums, classes and more. $1.2MM | Bionic Fund, CoVenture, Stephano Kim, Thought into Action Ventures, Kevin Ryan, Rugged Ventures

WoofbertVR: Aims to change the way people view art and culture via its cutting-edge virtual reality technology. $2.53MM


Offrbox: An online marketplace for residential investors to search, manage offers, and transact purchase and sales activity. $500K | Don Oparah, Roy Malkin


ensa: Connects consumers’ medical records with their health and fitness apps to give personalized and smart wellness recommendations via their mobile device. $1.75MM

FORCE Therapeutics: Provides online and mobile applications that accelerate recovery from musculoskeletal injury. $2.5MM

Klara: A secure, smart and simple healthcare communication platform for doctors, patients and medical professionals. $3.04MM | Casper, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Doctor on Demand, Project A Ventures, Groupe Arnault, Giphy, Atlantic Labs, Warby Parker, BuzzFeed

NexHealth: An automated appointment booking platform that helps physicians see more patients. $1.54MM

QuiO: Provides smart injection devices and connected software for monitoring, engaging and supporting patients taking injectable therapies. $1.05MM


Blue Bite: Provides targeted, location-based mobile media and marketing solutions. $2.53MM

SolidOpinion Inc: A commenting platform that enables members to earn points for being engaged in the discussion, and generates revenue for content producers. $1.12MM

Space Race: Operates an animated Web series - Space Racers - for teaching children about space and the solar system. $2.46MM

Zazoom Media Group: A cross-platform video producer that creates timely, topical, advertiser friendly, short-form video in multiple languages. $800K

Zype: A cloud video distribution service for OTT that makes it easy for content owners to connect directly with their audiences across all platforms. $2MM | Revel Partners, Terrapin Bale Venture Fund & Studio, Alpine Meridian Ventures, Berlin Ventures, Entrepreneurs Investment Fund, Point Nine Capital


Clubhouse Software: A suite of intuitive and easy-to-use project management tools for software teams. $2MM |, Flight Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, RRE Ventures, Daniel Curran, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Dexter: A platform that lets developers build integration-based apps without the hassle of building the infrastructure. $2.3MM | Rakuten, Betaworks, Social Starts

Lately: A SaaS platform that offers a simple, comprehensive and automatic marketing dashboard to streamline and organize all marketing activity.  

Spacio: A platform that enables real estate agents to automate open houses. $350K


Access Innovation LLC: A membership-based platform that intelligently connects corporations and research institutions to facilitate in-licensing and sponsored research. $700K

APPrise Mobile: A B2B platform that enables organizations to create native apps for mobile communications. $1MM | Terrapin Partners, TMT Investments

Bizly: A platform for instantly booking private work/meeting spaces at the world's leading hotels. $1.5MM | Mark Tompkins Montrose Capital, AngelList, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Expansion Venture Capital, MetaProp NYC

BotFactory: Manufacturer of Squink, small electronic circuit printer allows for rapid prototyping. $1.3MM

Drone Racing League: Brings together the world’s best pilots for first-person view (FPV) drone racing. $1MM | Sky

GameCo: Creator of the first skill-based video game gambling machines for casino floors. $3MM

InsiteVR: A virtual reality platform that enables architects and designers to easily prototype, present and visualize their designs. $1.5MM | GREE Ventures, Y Combinator, Ralph Gootee, Tracy Young, Frontier Tech Ventures, CyberAgent Ventures, Greg Castle

Predata: A platform that condenses data sources from around the web to predict geopolitical volatility. $3.25MM | Edison Partners, Conversion Capital, Chicago Ventures

SALIDO: An interconnected restaurant operating system that enables restaurants to control, analyze, and leverage their critical data. $2MM | Phil Suarez, Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Verifly:On-demand drone insurance for recreational or commercial flights. $2.7MM | Novel TMT Ventures, Social Capital, Slow Ventures, Jared Simon, Amol Sarva, Irelandia Aviation, Graph Ventures, Sam Shank, Blake Krikorian, LocalGlobe, Steve Hafner, Frontline Ventures

Primary NYC Seed Deal Report: Q3 2016