Media, Healthcare and New SaaS Models Flourished in Q1 2017

As we reported in our Q1 NYC Seed Deal Report, the pace of seed investments in the city slowed again as VCs maintain a more cautious approach to investment opportunities. That said, average deal size continues to increase, indicating that investors are willing to shell out for top-quality companies. Sectors that saw the most activity in Q1 include next-gen content and media platforms across a variety of mediums, an ongoing proliferation of healthcare startups and a resurgence of marketing tech as brands continue to seek new ways of reaching customers.  


(The Primary NYC Seed Deal Report covers all NYC Seed deals - which we define as $250K-$3.5MM - that have been publicly announced in the quarter. We know there are deals that have closed but not yet been announced, including some of our own, and those will be added once they are public. If you know of any deals that we’ve missed in this report, please contact us at!)

Q1 2017 DEALS

Enterprise SaaS

Capsule8: Capsule8 offers real-time threat protection for Linux infrastructures. $2.5MM | Jay Leek, Bessemer Venture Partners, Shardul Shah

EntryPoint: EntryPoint allows creatives to make and share immersive web experiences, enables imaginative storytelling, advertising and ecommerce opportunities. $2MM | Lead - Samsung NEXT, Lead - Two Sigma Ventures, Virtual Reality Investments, Karen Karniol Tambour, Female Founders Fund, Social Starts, KBS Ventures, Indicator Ventures, Galvanize Ventures

Keymetrics: Keymetrics is a SaaS monitoring service dedicated to real-time tracking of NodeJS. $2MM | Runa Capital, Alven Capital

Lynkos: Lynkos enables users to target, find and contact every potential B2B customer around the world. $2.5MM | Lead - Inforcorp’s IC Ventures, Lead - Logitech Investments, Sam Ross-Skinner, Michele Santo

Popwallet: Popwallet enables brand and retail marketers to create, distribute and track usage of promotions through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Android Pay. $1MM | Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Process Street: Process Street is a SaaS platform that lets non-technical teams create powerful, API-driven workflows for sales and customer success teams. $1.3MM | Blackbird Ventures, AirTree Ventures


ERNIT: ERNIT is the world’s first smart piggy bank, consisting of a connected, physical piggy bank and a mobile app. $700,000 | Lead - Seed Capital, Lead - Spar Nord Bank A/S

ForwardLane Inc: ForwardLane is an applied AI company for financial advisors, offering services in wealth management, fixed income, insurance and compliance. $1.1MM | Techstars (Barclays Accelerator, London), Thomson Reuters, Chris Adelsbach

Hiatus: Hiatus is an iOS app that allows users to instantly consolidate and cancel subscriptions, protecting them from unwanted auto-charges. $1.2MM


Kinnos Inc.: Kinnos aims to raise the standard of infectious disease decontamination. Its first product, Highlight, is a patent-pending additive for disinfectants that improves visibility, coverage and end-user compliance to protect healthcare workers and patients. $1MM | Lead - Georgica Advisors, VentureWell, New York Angels

OhMD: OhMD offers mobile messaging for doctors, clinicians and patients to enhance the patient experience and improve provider communication. $1.2MM | Eideard Venture Capital

Simplifeye: Simplifeye is a SaaS platform for medical offices that connects wearables to existing health record software. It allows providers to see a high-level view of patients who are ready to be seen, along with medical alerts and an overview of appointment details. $3MM | Wiley Cerilli, Haystack, SoftTech VC, Ariel Poler, Felicis Ventures, First Round, Liquid2 Ventures

Tushy: A modern bidet attachment company. $500,000 | Lead - Propulsion Capital, Luke Sherwin, Zachary Werner, Neil Parikh

Marketing Automation

Dash Hudson: Dash Hudson is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses grow and monetize their audience via Instagram and Snapchat. $1.52MM | Lead - Build Ventures, Innovacorp

Uponit: Uponit is an ad recovery platform that helps online publishers measure and restore their blocked ad inventory and improve communication with their audience. $2.3MM | Lead - Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), KDC Media Fund

Yuzu: Yuzu helps retailers optimize conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs by virtually sharing their shoppers’ data. $1MM


Anchor: The Anchor app makes it easy for anyone to hear, share and create interactive audio streams. $2.8MM | Lead - Accel Partners, Eniac Ventures, The Chernin Group, Mick Batyske, Omidyar Network

Keli Network: Keli Network is a social video publisher that distributes engaging content for Millennials via social and mobile channels. $2MM | Lead - Partech Ventures, Broadway Video Ventures, Ore Ventures, OneRagtime

Overtime: Overtime, focused on high school and amateur sports, is a cross-platform startup that enables users to create and edit sports video highlights. $2.5MM | Lead - Greycroft Partners, Fitz Gate Ventures, Edward Lando, Chaac Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Horizons Alpha, TACK Ventures, 645 Ventures, Afore Capital

The Perspective: The Perspective is a website that curates various perspectives on the day's top stories for people to read and explore. $500,000 | Lead - Rimokh Family Trust

Radish: Radish is a mobile app for serialized fiction. $3MM | Charlie Songhurst, UTA, Nicolas Berggruen, Bertelsmann, Jeremy Yap, SoftBank, Lowercase Capital, Greylock Partners, Peter Bazalgette, Amy Tan, Duncan Clark, Matt Humphrey, Sherpa Capital

Show-Score: Show-Score is a community marketplace for theater fans, fan guide to NYC theater, with show directories, user-generated reviews and discounted tickets. $2MM | Lead - The Seelig Group, Ashley DeSimone

VinePair: VinePair is an online platform that brings together wine enthusiasts to discuss and share information about wine and other beverages.  $1.53MM | Gil Fuchsberg, Zach Nelson, Shane Neman, New York Venture Partners, Joanne Wilson, Jordan Levy


GoKid: The GoKid mobile app lets parents schedule and manage their children's transportation needs by easily setting up carpools. $1MM | Lead - InMotion Ventures, Lead - Fontinalis Partners is a mobile first platform that makes it simple to locate, interact with, and optimize workers and assets at facilities like shopping malls, train stations, corporate campuses, airports, hospitals and stadiums. $936,283 | Lead - Tamarisc, Morningside Technology Ventures, Storm Industries

Universe: Universe is a mobile app that enables users to create websites using their mobile phones. $3.2MM | Lead - BoxGroup, Founder Collective, Collaborative Fund, Eniac Ventures, General Catalyst, Greylock Partners

NextGen Commerce

Flont: Flont is a rental marketplace for premium fashion. $2MM | Miki Iwamura, Mimi So, Stephanie Stahl, Denise Warren, Jorge Mora, Kenneth Blatt, George Matouk, Carmen Busquets, Jack Stahl, Michael Crotty, Milton Pedraza

Maisonette: Maisonette is a children’s clothing and lifestyle e-commerce site. $2.7MM | Lead - Thrive Partners, Lead - New Enterprise Associates

Shoptalk: A community for NextGen Commerce leaders, Shoptalk organizes the world’s most important events for retail and ecommerce innovation. $2MM | Lead - Primary Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Bain Capital Ventures, Commerce Ventures


Citymart: Citymart transforms the way cities solves problems, connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens. $500,000 | Lead - Omidyar Network

Clark: Clark is a virtual assistant for independent educators, allowing them to find students, schedule sessions, create progress reports and get paid. $1MM | Winklevoss Capital, Human Ventures

Datalogue: Datalogue uses artificial intelligence to automate data preparation. $1.5MM | Bloomberg Beta, Flybridge, Nvidia

Fairygodboss: Fairygodboss is an online, community-driven marketplace that connects women to employers who care about gender equality. $1MM | Lead - William Greenblatt

SweepBright: SweepBright is a mobile solution for real estate agents and brokers that simplifies intake, matching and communication with buyers and sellers. $1.61MM | Lead - Volta Ventures

Voodoo Manufacturing: Voodoo Manufacturing uses low-end 3D printing technology to provide fast, affordable and high-volume 3D printing. $1.4MM | Lead - KPCB Edge, Lead - Y Combinator, David Karp, Josh Jones, James Sowers

Primary NYC Seed Deal Report: Q1 2017