Q4 Saw Continued Investment in New AI, InfoSec and Healthcare Platforms

As we reported in our Q4 NYC Seed Deal Report, seed investors in the city remain consistently eager to fund high-quality opportunities. Areas that saw the biggest growth this quarter were new AI offerings that touching on a broad range of industries, as well as InfoSec platforms that secure online transactions and prevent hacking. And healthcare continues to draw funds, with a focus on new platforms that help to coordinate care and provide a better experience for specific patient populations.


(The Primary NYC Seed Deal Report covers all NYC Seed deals - which we define as $250K-$3.5MM - that have been publicly announced in the quarter. We know there are deals that have closed but not yet been announced, including some of our own, and those will be added once they are public. If you know of any deals that we’ve missed in this report, please contact us at info@primary.vc!)


Horton Point: Horton Point utilizes intelligent hedge fund solutions to simplify the investment process, provide transparency and optimize decision-making. $1.6MM | Social Starts, Qualified HNW investors


Annum Health: Annum Health is a digital health platform that offers a discreet, cost-effective alternative to rehab for alcoholics. $2.5MM

EpiBone: EpiBone is a bone reconstruction company that grows living bone tissue from patients’ own cells. $560,000 | Plum Alley

Kang Health: Kang is indexing the world’s collective health knowledge into an adaptive, personalized platform that empowers consumers to make more informed healthcare decisions. $3.3MM | Lead - Mangrove Capital Partners, Primary Venture Partners, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Beta Bridge Capital, Primary Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Adam Singolda

Simple Contacts: Simple Contacts’ platform provides a standard ophthalmology test via a smartphone, verified by a licensed ophthalmologist, and a simple way to order new contact lenses. $2MM | Autonomous Ventures, Edward Lando, Kyle Vogt, Justin Kan

Wellthy: Wellthy is an online platform that helps individuals and families manage and coordinate care for a chronically ill, aging or disabled loved one. $2MM | Aspiration Growth, Sweet Capital Ltd., Jonathan Bush, HBS Alumni Angels


Hyperverse: Hyperverse is a platform that helps to create and distribute fully immersive virtual reality experience in indoor locations. $400,000

Bumpers, Inc.: The Bumpers app allows users to make a podcast direct from their mobile devices, using the phone's built-in microphones. $1MM | Spark Capital, Evan Williams, Founder Collective

Uru: Uru creates computer vision-driven and content-aware ads for video, AR and VR. $800,000 | Rough Draft Ventures, Chris Cunningham, Christian Noske, Presence Capital, PJC, Betaworks, Alex Chung, Thatcher Bell, Notation Capital, Eric Franchi

MarcoPolo Learning: MarcoPolo Learning produces innovative childhood education programming for touchscreen devices. $1.4MM | Chris M. Williams, Juan Saldívar, Horizons Ventures


CookUnity: Cookunity is a platform that enables freelance chefs to cook and deliver their healthy specialties around NYC. $1MM | Rohit Dsouza, Matias de Tezanos, Howard Yeh, Jose Vargas, Stella Maris Partners, Alberto Gross, Invariantes Fund

Goby: Goby is the first subscription-based D2C electric toothbrush that’s simpler and more affordable than retail brands. $2MM | Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Rosecliff Ventures, BBG Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Red Sea Ventures, Galvanize

Hooch: A members-only cocktail app. Members receive one cocktail every day for just $9.99 per month from dozens of bars around New York and LA. $1.5MM | Russell Simmons, Burch Creative Capital, Blue Scorpion Investments, Chris R. Burch, Len Blavatnik, Shaun White

Kit: Kit is a discovery platform that enables users to identify and buy interesting products – grouped into kits – for all sorts of activities. $2.5MM | Social Capital, Authentic Ventures, Ellen Pao, Precursor Ventures, Black Angel Tech Fund, Expa, April Underwood

Payfully: Payfully offers Airbnb hosts the opportunity to receive money from their bookings whenever they need it. $300,000


HYPR Corp.: HYPR enables Fortune 500 enterprises to scale decentralized biometric authentication securely across millions of users. $3MM | RTP Ventures, Mesh Ventures, Boldstart Ventures

Uplevel Security: Uplevel provides intelligence-driven incident analysis to cybersecurity attacks to monitor intrusions and expedite response times. $2.5MM | First Round Capital, Aspect Ventures


Electric: Electric is an AI platform that helps businesses save time and money by keeping their business-critical apps and hardware running smoothly, right from Slack. $2MM | Bowery Capital, Gunderson Dettmer, Charge Ventures, Primary Venture Partners

Never Eat Alone: Never Eat Alone is an app that enables users to find and connect with colleagues who share their skills and interests. $1.38MM | Elior Group

OWKIN: Owkin is an artificial intelligence platform that makes accurate medical predictions. $2.1MM

Privacy: Privacy makes online payments safe and easy, with a new virtual card for each place you pay online. $2.2MM | Index Ventures, rocketship.vc

StyleSage: StyleSage is a strategic analytics SaaS platform that helps fashion retailers and brands with critical in- and next-season decisions. $2MM | Christopher Calicott, David Segura, Trammell Venture Partners, Gagnon Securities, Sonae IM

Voltaiq: Voltaiq is a SaaS predictive analytics platform that accelerates battery product development to ensure performance, predictability and reliability. $2MM | Bee Partners

WeDidIt: WeDidIt aggregates donor data so that nonprofits can automate their prospect research. $500,000 | 43North

WorkRails: WorkRails is a platform that allows software companies to start, grow and manage their professional services business. $2.3MM | Boldstart Ventures, Lattice Ventures, BoxGroup, Lerer Hippeau Ventures


Alluvium: Alluvium’s Mesh Intelligence platform delivers real-time operational insights to complex industrial operations. $2.5MM | IA Ventures, Lux Capital, Mike Olson, Bloomberg Beta

Bazaar is a B2B marketplace for recurring small business purchases. $1MM | Joanne Wilson, Rostrum Capital, Transcendent Holdings, Lattice Ventures, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Alpine Meridian Ventures, Gotham Gal Ventures, Caerus Investment Partners

BotFactory: Botfactory is the manufacturer of Squink, small electronic circuit printer that allows for rapid prototyping. $1.3MM | New York Angels, Firstrock Capital

Brami: Brami reprocesses and sells lupini beans as a snack for modern consumers. $1.5MM | Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Enlightened Capital, AccelFoods

Civic Hall: Civic Hall is a collaboration space for civic innovators. $2MM | Omidyar Network

DataKind: DataKind utilizes big data and analytics to help mission-driven organizations solve global challenges. $2MM | Omidyar Network

Dog Parker: Dog Parker provides temperature controlled dog parking by the minute. $1,100,000 | Randy Ramusack, Halogen Ventures, Russell Shepard, Benslie International Ltd

The Glimpse Group: The Glimpse Group was designed to cultivate entrepreneurs in virtual reality and augmented reality. $700,000

lynQ: LynQ is a real-time location platform, capable of tracking location without phones, networks, maps or active communication. $1.2MM

OpenSponsorship: A sports marketing platform connecting brands and rights holders for sports sponsorship opportunities. $1.1MM | Peter Kellner, Gelt VC, 500 Startups, Kirat Anand, Radiant Venture Capital, Steve Bennett, Rosecliff Ventures, Tanveer Ali

Radiator Labs, Inc.: Radiator Labs is the creator of The CozyTM, a user-friendly radiator cover that allows you to control temperature while saving money and energy. $2.4MM | Urban.Us

Ripple Recruiting: Ripple offers an efficient and cost-effective way for employers to find, target and hire the students they want. $700,000 | Kevin Ryan

Scrunch: Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover bloggers and social media influencers. $304,890 | Scale Investors, Horrace Bear Trust

Werk: Werk is a marketplace of flexible work opportunities for ambitious women. $1MM | Social Starts, Halogen Ventures, Better Ventures, Friends, Family & Founders, Precursor Ventures, Montage Ventures

Wine ‘n Dine: An app that helps consumers choose the dishes they want to eat and the restaurants that serve them. $2.5MM | Jordache Ventures, Melo7 Tech Partners LLC, Chetrit Group

Primary NYC Seed Deal Report: Q4 2016