Uptick in Enterprise Software Balances Summer's NextGen Commerce Slog

As we reported in our Q2 NYC Seed Deal Report, Q2 saw a sluggish turnout on the NextGen commerce side, with continued growth in the areas of subscription services and the sharing economy. Enterprise software and SaaS saw more activity, with some notable trends in AI and messaging, healthcare and fintech. Below, we've broken out all Seed deals that were announced in Q2.

Please note that the Primary NYC Seed Deal Report covers only those Seed deals - which we define as $250K-$3.5MM - that have become public. We know there are deals that have closed but not yet been announced, including some of our own, and those will be added in once they are public. If you know of any deals that have not been included on this report, please contact us at info@primary.vc!

Q2 2016: Completed Deals


Armarium: A luxury styling service that allows women to borrow clothing from the top fashion brands at a fraction of the retail price. $1.25MM | Metamorphic Ventures, Carmen Busquets

The Farmer’s Dog: A human-grade pet food delivery subscription service. $2MM | Collaborative Fund, Forerunner Ventures, SV Angel

Homemade: A marketplace that allows cooks to market and sell their food. $2.1MM | Dan Rose, Suren Markosian, Tom Williams, Wayne Chang, Greg Martin, Third Kind Venture Capital, Maveron, Scrum Ventures, Kevin Hartz, Huck Finn Fund, David Wu, Ken Keller, XG Ventures, Maveron LLC, Rostrum Capital, Slow Ventures, Maven Ventures Growth Labs

Hooch: A members-only cocktail app. Members receive one cocktail every day for just $9.99 per month from dozens of bars around New York and LA. $950K | Blue Scorpion Investments

Koio Collective: Sells hand-crafted leather fashion sneakers, made in Italy. $1.31MM


Flocabulary: A web-based learning program that uses educational hip-hop to music to engage students K-12. $1.50MM | Rethink Education

Sawyer: A subscription-based service that provides parents access to the best kids classes in their neighborhoods. $1.5MM | Collaborative Fund, Notation Capital

Teachable: A platform that allows teachers to create and sell online courses. $2.5MM | Accomplice, Learn Capital, Naval Ravikant


Clarity Money: Aims to become your personal “money guru” by providing actionable insights into a consumer’s financial relationships. $2.5MM

Fund That Flip: A platform that allows for accredited individual investors to invest in residential real estate "fix-and-flips." $2.0MM

Payfully: A platform that offers Airbnb hosts the ability to receive money from bookings immediately, instead of having to wait for after the first night. $300K

Propellr: A curated marketplace for alternative asset investments, allowing small institutions, family offices and accredited investors access to alternative investment opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. $1.60MM

Sure: An app that allows you to purchase on-demand personal insurance. $2.6MM | Fosun Kinzon Capital, Montage Ventures, ff Venture Capital

Health & Wellness

CareDox: A digital health platform that delivers free health technology to K-12 public schools, and enables public school health programs to run more efficiently. $2.80MM | Prolog Ventures, Giza Venture Capital, First Round, TEXO Ventures

Healthify: A SaaS platform that works with managed care organizations and healthcare providers to better connect patients with community services to resolve unmet social needs. $2.5MM | Acumen, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Milestone Venture Partners, Kapor Capital, Primary Venture Partners

MedPilot: A platform that allows healthcare billings and collections departments to be more effective and efficient when resolving balances with patients. $750K | Tom Hirschfeld, Hudson River Capital Partners, Blueprint Health

ProofPilot: A secure online platform that allows researchers to quickly design, launch and manage scientific research studies at reduced costs. $1.85MM | Cue Ball, LLC, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Skyfit: A fitness app that on-demand access to studio-quality fitness classes in running, indoor cycling, elliptical, race training, and yoga. $1.07MM | Arena Ventures, Pejman Mar Ventures, Switch Ventures, Paul Arnold

Wellth: A mobile-first, financial incentive-focused behavior change platform that helps insurers and healthcare providers better understand their populations, improve customer health and retention, and lower costs. $2MM | AXA Strategic Ventures, AltaIR Capital, I2BF Global Ventures, Koh Founders, Beta Bridge Capital


Advocate: A New York- and San Francisco-based startup working to transform politics by building a platform to connect citizens with their elected officials. $600K

Mediachain: An open, collaborative media library that enables users to register, identify and track creative works online. $1.50MM |  Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Currency Group, David Lee, Kanyi Maqubela, RRE Ventures, LDV Capital, William Mougayar

Speakable: Enables news readers to act on what they read via polls, petitions, emails and donations. It connects them to the best NGOs, empowering them to participate in stories that inspire them. $2MM


Bontact: A multi-channel customer engagement platform that allows customers to contact businesses the way they want. $1.10MM

Teckst: Enables businesses to communicate directly with customers via text-based messaging. $2.5MM | Dan Porter, Kevin Mahaffey, Adam Press, Kernel Capital, Zelkova Ventures, Gaingels, Composite Capital Partners

Troops: A software platform that gives sales professionals an artificial intelligence-powered mobile-sales assistant to maximize efficiencies. $2.6MM | First Round, Kenny Herman, Ken Landis, Pierre Valade, Gokul Rajaram, Bryce Maddock, Joshua Schachter, Vast Ventures, Jack Groetzinger, Brian Distelburger, Andy Monfried, Zach Weinberg, David Yaffe, Jaspar Weir, Jason Finger, Andrew Levy, Great Oaks Venture Capital, NextView Ventures, Founder Collective, Wiley Cerilli, Chicago Ventures, Nat Turner


Agrilyst: An intelligence platform that provides data integration, farm management, real-time analytics and recommendations for indoor farms. $1.00MM | Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Beta Bridge Capital, Koh Founders, InvestHER Ventures, Antecedent Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures

Axio Global: A platform that applies risk management strategies to cybersecurity. $1.05MM

Betaout: Develops cloud-based tools that enable digital agencies to manage the entire content production chain, from ideation through analytics and distribution. $1.50MM | Chennai Angels, LetsVenture, BEENEXT, Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs, Hyderabad Angels, Mumbai Angels, Sam Yagan

Broker Genius: A pricing platform for the event ticket industry. $273K

Clubhouse Software: Intuitive project management tools for software teams that make it easy to track progress on major initiatives. $1.79MM

CodiPark: A SaaS platform that helps parking operators better communicate with their users in order to generate new revenue sources. $500K

Grey Jean Technologies: A consumer marketing automation platform that personalizes the shopping experience in order to increase customer acquisition and sales. $2.0MM | Cosmas Wong

Radar: Builds developer tools for efficient, effective and maintainable location tracking and geofencing. $500K | Expa


Cindicator: Crowd-forecasting for future events on financial and political markets. $250K | Starta Capital

Crowded.com: A mobile-first candidate network where hourly and on-demand workers “get verified and get hired” by the hourly and on-demand companies that best fit the candidate. $3.3MM | Tokalon Ventures, ARC Angel Fund, Early-Stage NYC Fund, Gambit Ventures

Cushion: An app that helps freelancers manage their schedules and finances, taking some of the unpredictability out of freelance life. $500K

Flip: The first peer-to-peer leasing marketplace. $1.2MM | Techstars Ventures, Scott Belsky, #BUILTBYGIRLS, Joanne Wilson, MetaProp NYC

Meural: A digital canvas that enables you to select, control, frame and exhibit the art of your choosing. $2.50MM | Corigin Ventures (Lead), Francois Bennahmias, Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners, Elio Sceti

Moburst: A full-service mobile marketing agency that helps companies grow their app and mobile business. $1.60MM

Poncho: A simple weather application that provides personalized forecasts. $2.0MM | Lerer Hippeau Ventures, RRE Ventures, Betaworks, Broadway Video Ventures, Ore Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Comcast Ventures, Venture51

Show-Score: A peer-populated site that aggregates and organizes the information you need in order to discover theater that you will love. $1.5MM

TimeLooper: An immersive time travel technology that enables tourists to turn back the clock and experience destinations at key moments in history through virtual reality videos on smartphones. $1.85MM | Rothenberg Ventures