Help Us Help You: The importance of board re-education

As someone who’s sat on dozens of boards, here’s one trap I want to warn you of: Don’t assume that your board members are up to speed. In fact, you should assume the exact opposite, and make it a priority to continually re-educate us on your mission, your strategy, your messaging and what it is that makes your business so unique.

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Brad Svrluga
Tracking Progress Through Matriculation

When we launched our first fund back in 2014, we wanted to focus on a metric that would give our companies the best shot at success while also clearly demonstrating our overall progress and health of the fund. That metric we is Seed to Series A “graduation rate,” and it’s this idea that has ultimately become the bedrock of our strategy.

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Family Matters: How to Institute Family-friendly Policies at Your Early-stage Startup

When it comes to parental leave policies, early-stage startups have some very real resource constraints. But that doesn't make any less important for them to cultivate a culture that is open, encouraging and supportive of employees looking to grow their family. Here are our recommendations for fostering a family-friendly culture that don’t force employees to choose between work and home life.

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CTOs: They're Just Like Us!

We so often think of CTOs as expert engineers (which they are, of course!), forgetting that in order for them to do their job well, they also need to master the human, team-building side of the business. We assembled some of the city's leading CTOs, and here are the topics that are keeping them up at night.

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Let your spirit animal guide you

One of the most salient qualities we look for in our founders is the endless quest for learning. The realization that there is no final answer, that there are always more questions to be asked, more angles to be considered, more potential paths forward. This is one of the things we admire most about Ryan Denehy, CEO of Electric, an AI-powered IT support platform that just announced a successful Series A, led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

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SaaS in NYCNaomi Newman
The 3 Cs of Successful Brand-building: A night out with Etsy’s Linda Findley Kozlowski

In recounting her experiences at some of the most influential companies in the world - Alibaba, Evernote and now Etsy - Etsy COO Linda Findley Kozlowski gave us a glimpse into her proprietary formula for building strong brands with loyal followings. Ultimately, it boils down to fostering open communication, mobilizing communities and never losing sight of your customers.

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