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Naomi Newman


Naomi builds Primary's brand in NYC Tech and beyond.

Naomi is a writer and marketer, and has spent over 10 years in the startup world developing editorial strategy, and implementing brand-building content and initiatives. Most recently, she helped launch Stacklist, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find the right tools and software for their growing business. Prior to that, she ran marketing communications at Phreesia, a healthcare startup, and before then she was a senior editor at Vault.com.

Naomi attended Barnard College and now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three little humans.


The Rest of the Story

I grew up in Chicago and came to New York for college. I graduated before startups were something people aspired to. After working for a few years writing for a continuing medical education company, I got a job at Vault.com - one of the first early startup pioneers in the city. Vault was very early stage at that point, and a true innovator in the content space. I joined the team before digital content was The Thing - we were producing actual paper books! It was fascinating to be a part of the transition to online and ecommerce, and the positive, all-hands-on-deck, frenetic energy of the place got me hooked on startups.

I’ve been a part of a number of startups since then, and I’ve grown increasingly committed to the startup community, producing influential content that benefits entrepreneurs and tech users alike. I’m thrilled to be on the other side of the table at Primary, helping to smooth the journey for seed-stage entrepreneurs.

Stuff You Wouldn't Know

  • First Job: I grew up playing competitive sports, and my first job was teaching basketball and tennis to kids at an overnight camp in the Northern Woods of Wisconsin. It was the same camp I had attended for seven years as a camper, and I jumped at the opportunity to delay my entry into adulthood by taking advantage of more summers as a paid camper, er, counselor.
  • Most Humbling Moment: Receiving my first Mother’s Day card from my then-two-year-old daughter. It said, “I love my mommy because she puts my undies on me and we go to parties.” Never underestimate the impact you can have on another human being.
  • Random Fact: I’ve always loved writing. One of my earliest writing memories was writing a story about Michael Jordan for school (I was an avid fan of the Bulls in their 1990s heyday). My teacher sent the story to MJ himself, who then wrote me a personal letter telling me how much he loved reading my "novel," as he called it. Definitely a highlight of my formative years!