Stellar Health: Finally, a technology tool that actually helps you help patients

Wouldn’t it be great if your electronic health record didn’t just passively absorb information (and time), but instead actively alerted you to incomplete preventative screenings and other care opportunities?

Stellar Health does just that. Stellar is a point-of-care software platform that digests claims, EMR, and hospital data to alert you and your care team to unfulfilled care and coding gaps. On top of that, the Stellar platform allocates additional payments from participating insurers, on top of RVUs, when providers and staff close the identified gaps. Imagine turning your pre-visit huddle with the nurse or MA into a structured, digital or paper-based opportunity to rapidly create value for you and your patients.

One primary care practice in Florida with a complex, elderly patient population implemented Stellar to drive significant benefits for their patients. Diabetes care composite scores (HgbA1C control plus eye exam completion) increased from less than 30% to over 50%. In addition, colorectal cancer screening rates increased from less than 40% to over 65%.

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