How Jay Z Leapfrogged Dre And Nearly Caught Diddy In The Race To $1 Billion

Every year since 2011, FORBES has ranked the wealthiest hip-hop acts on the planet in terms of net worth, and each time, Sean “Diddy” Combs has comfortably claimed the crown.

This year, Diddy is first on our Forbes Five list yet again, but the margin is slimmer than ever. His $820 million total—accumulated with the help of his lucrative deal with Diageo’s Ciroc, as well as huge stakes in TV network Revolt, alkaline water brand Aquahydrate and tequila DeLeon—is just a smidge ahead of Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, who ranks second with $810 million.

Jay Z has plenty of other paths to ten-figure territory. He recently unveiledplans for a new venture fund together with Roc Nation partner Jay Brown and FORBES cover star Shervin Pishevar's Sherpa Capital--as well as a startup incubator called Arrive, together with Brown, Primary Venture Partners and GlassBridge Asset Management. It's quite possible that his next big haul could emerge from there.

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