People-Based Marketing: 9 Startups to Watch in 2018

People-based marketing is all about creating an integrated marketing system that can center on individual customers and update itself with any data that they provide. This enables brands to be much more strategic when it comes to how they target and communicate with their customers, and it also enables them to provide much more relevant messaging and content.

The concept is hardly a new one, but marketers have historically struggled to get it right. The good news is that when they're able to build up a strong profile of their customers, they can be proactive instead of reactive, using predictive analytics and other technologies to figure out what people are most likely to respond to.

#1 BounceX 

BounceX offers a people-based marketing cloud and is the first new revenue channel with scale in ten years. Their proprietary identification technology means marketers can now activate users and convert unidentified, high-intent prospects into buyers by sending the right message at the right time on any device.

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