Your Food Delivery Habit is Killing Local Pizza Shops, But This App Wants to Help

Ah, the modern delight that is the Seamless binge. You load up a cart with enough food to meet the minimum, and minutes later, someone is at your door bearing overflowing plastic bags for you to devour wholesale in the private communion of your living room sofa.

Where did that food come from? Who made it? What would they recommend? These are the questions of the courier age; there are numerous Chinese take-out spots I only know through the digital index. When I stumble by their brick-and-mortar locations, it's like seeing a ghost. The era of scribbling down numbers from the whitepages are long gone. In 2018, we've offloaded all of that work to the machines.

But Slice, a nationwide pizza delivery app, hopes to change that culture. In their world, you can still be a good old regular when you're ordering online.

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