This tech platform helps employers have tough workplace conversations

Avoiding or bungling conversations about sensitive work-related issues can fester within organizations, dampening productivity and increasing turnover. Serial communications tech entrepreneurs Toby Hervey and Sarah Sheehan are co-founders of Bravely, a tech-enabled service linking employees (front-line and managers) to seasoned counselors. Those professionals coach employees on making challenging conversations less so. Bravely’s platform also helps employers take the pulse of their workforce. Employee Benefit News recently spoke to Hervey about the marriage of technology and telephone-based counseling. Edited highlights of that conversation follow.

Employee Benefit News: Do you believe there is widespread recognition that many employees feel unequipped to discuss sensitive work-related issues, and that this has negative consequences?

Toby Hervey: Absolutely. The data is clear. Every executive we talk to understands this and also has a personal story about a valued employee who let some problem fester over time, didn’t deal with it, then left the company. It can damage the overall health of that workplace.

EBN: How are companies already typically trying to address this problem?

Hervey: Lots of companies are focused on managers as a driver of employee experience, and they want to train them and support them with new learning and development opportunities. The idea that every manager is a coach is great in theory, but really challenging in practice.

Read the full interview here.

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