Meet the Fast-Growing Company That Wants to Make the Web More Polite

You visit a website for the first time and right away you get a request for your email address. You're tempted to flee. After all, do you really want to give some random site your information? You've only just met.

New York's Bounce Exchange wants to give you a reason to stick around. The behavioral automation software and analytics provider is on a mission to make the internet more polite. By analyzing user behavior--for instance, from where someone enters a site and the amount of time he or she spends there--Bounce Exchange wants to maximize conversion. In other words, it wants to help you turn consumers into customers.

The company's strategy is starting to pay off. The company's revenue ballooned to more than $15.7 million last year, up from $107,216 in 2012. By 2018, it expects to bring in more than $100 million in annual revenue.

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