Ollie: The Startup Delivering Healthy Dog Food Straight To Your Door

The pet food market has grown to become a $30 billion industry in the United States, totaling over $70 billion worldwide. Nearly doubling since 2000, the market value jumped 22.5% from 2014-2015. Controlled by a small conglomerate of companies, 7 of the 11 of highest-grossing dry dog food brands in the U.S. are owned by either Mars or Nestle. Yet, despite generating massive profits, the industry has struggled to break through dark clouds of criticism. Riddled with recalls, lawsuits and intense scrutiny surrounding manufacturing practices -- the need for a disruptive paradigm shift has appeared more evident than ever.

Stemming from the dangerously unhealthy ingredients found in processed pet foods, 60% of dogs in the U.S. are obese, with diabetes and cancer rates amongst pets continually on the rise. In the past 10 years, the total number of dogs diagnosed has increased by 900%. These staggering statistics are due, in large part, to a history of negligent state-imposed legislation, loosely enforced regulations, and a profit-driven approach to mass manufacturing. 

Founded in October of 2016, Ollie produces and delivers healthy dog food directly to your door, using human grade ingredients and smart technology to design custom diets for your pet. Assembling a team of trained nutritionists, tech specialists, and manufacturers – Ollie aims to not only reverse a looming stigma surrounding the industry, but to establish an adoptable model of trust and transparency with pet parents.

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