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Ray Colletti


Ray works with Primary's B2B companies to inform go-to-market strategies, access early customers and explore new markets.

Ray is the VP of Market Development at Primary. He has spent his whole career working at high-growth B2B startups, first joining AppNexus as the 40th employee and, 2.5 years later, joining Datadog as the tenth.

Ray feels as comfortable closing deals and cold calling as he does talking data pipelines and product architecture. At AppNexus, Ray started and grew the Ad Quality team, which was instrumental in AppNexus’ ability to guarantee quality across the platform. When he made the switch to Datadog, he was  excited by the prospect of serving in many different functions - from product to sales to customer success - and making an impact at such an early-stage. In 2017, Ray led technical implementations at nine of 15 Datadog’s largest Enterprise customers and worked closely with 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Ray is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he majored in Political Science and Marketing. 

The Rest of the Story

Beyond my life in tech, I have three main passions that often overlap: musicart and travel. I try to read a lot. I also love ice cream, especially with tea. I volunteer with iMentor where I was a mentor for a member of the inaugural class at the Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE).

My formative years were spent at a STEM-focused high school, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), or as Wired called it, Hogwarts for Hackers.

Stuff You Wouldn't Know

  • First Job: I had two jobs simultaneously during the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college. I lived with family on Long Island and was a camp counselor at a sports camp from 8am-4pm and then worked four days a week as a busboy at a gourmet French restaurant.
  • Most Humbling Life Experience: The first startup I ever joined (right after college) failed after 10 months. In hindsight, there were some pretty clear red flags, but as a PoliSci major from the Midwest, I didn’t know to look.
  • Random Fact: In high school and college, I spent a nontrivial amount of time breakdancing.