We invest with all we've got.

The most support in seed VC.

Founders drive everything we do.

Product, market, and business model are important, but we're most drawn to founders and the personal relationships that will best support them. We're eager to jump in from the earliest stages. If you’re in New York working on an idea—or even just looking for one—let’s talk.

After we invest, we take your success personally. With the country's largest seed-stage portfolio impact team, we make sure every founder we work with has everything they need to build a category-defining company: Series A prep, hiring, go-to-market, strategic finance, and beyond.

And it works: The performance of our portfolio companies has driven results that place us in the top 5% of all U.S. venture firms.


Weekly hires & early culture building.

We accelerate and professionalize your hiring, source qualified leads, help assess candidates, and share compensation frameworks. Then our embedded Chief People Officer and her dedicated talent team support you in building a best-in-class culture for your high-achieving employees.


"As a new startup, recruiting without name recognition is hard. In our early days, Primary made all the difference, helping shape our approach and directly sourcing for us some of the best operators in New York."

—Brynn Putnam, Founder and CEO, Mirror


Ramp up pipeline. Get ready to grow.

We're here for customer research and development, competitive intelligence, pitch and call coaching, pipeline modeling and forecasting, early marketing and demand gen support, packaging and pricing help, win/loss research, NPS/CSAT playbook development, and everything in between.


"I’ve worked with over a dozen early-stage VCs, and Primary is the first to truly deliver on the promise of 'value add.’ The resources they've deployed for Electric have made a huge positive impact. They are the real deal."

—Ryan Denehy, Founder and CEO, Electric


Establish an analytical POV.

We believe the route to predictable, repeatable growth is paved in KPIs, clear milestones, and quantified progress. It's who we are; it's how we think; it's something we encourage every team we work with to embrace. We’ll help you build and perfect those milestones and a financial model to get you there. And we offer on-call CFO support to aid in all manner of forecasting, capitalization, and finance strategy.


"Long after I would have expected a seed-stage investor to continue to offer concrete help, Primary has continued to find ways to show up and has provided strategic finance support beyond what I anticipated. This level of continued partnership is rare, but it makes a huge difference."

—Luke Schoenfelder, Cofounder and CEO, Latch

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