Unreasonable resources.

Unprecedented outcomes.

Primary's commitment to founders begins with how we invest: We take a low-volume, high-conviction approach—because we devote unreasonable resources toward building unfair advantages.

The differentiator, unheard of in seed VC, is Primary Impact: Outnumbering investors 2:1, this team led by C-suite execs makes hires, signs customers, and secures next rounds to supercharge the growth of New York City’s most successful startups.

Here, you'll find a few examples of the work our team does alongside founders and their teams.


A partner on your financial big picture.

We work alongside you to turn a product idea into a full-fledged business strategy, with KPIs, clear milestones, and quantified progress. We’ll help you build and perfect those milestones and create a financial model to get you there, with on-call CFO support for forecasting, capitalization, and finance strategy.

Perry HealthPerry Health

"Early stage VCs don't typically encourage extended use of dedicated resources. At first I didn't understand how much I could tap the Impact team's very seasoned operators, but once I did, Primary built our financial model, meaningfully extending runway and clarifying strategy."

- Pan Chaudhury, Founder and CEO of Perry Health

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