Accelerated buildingAccelerated building

Accelerated building

with exceptional founders

Primary Labs incubates with founders at the center.

2X Equity

We give founders 2x the equity of typical studios, with control of business and product strategy.

Day 1 Capital

Each incubation is funded from the start, with runway and time to get you to the next round.

Derisked Journey

Guided by a proprietary diligence framework, we incubate at low-volume and high-conviction.

Our Approach

Speed is everything. We move fast and save years of your time.

Research Expertise

Our Operators and Researcher in Residence dig deep with customer discovery, analysis of investor sentiment, and comprehensive market validation.

Product Development

Our Design and Developer Residents provide early-stage product support to validate feasibility, MVP development, and launch.

Initial Customers

We build and secure relationships with design and development partners. You'll build with your ideal customer from Day 1.

Founding Team

Industry experts with deep context on your business join the founding team, along with key operational roles.

Financial Security

Primary Labs funds your pre-seed round, and offers guidance to your next round. We'll help you raise and find the right partners to accelerate growth.

Awesome Investors

Your lead investor will be Primary, and we bring unparalleled support to each investment.

Accelerate the founder journey with Primary Labs. Let's go.