How J2 Brings Visibility To Health Provider Networks, and Why We’re Backers

We’ve always been champions of America’s move toward value-based care. Oscar alumnus Josh Poretz is offering a key ingredient: real-time insights on provider quality.

How J2 Brings Visibility To Health Provider Networks, and Why We’re BackersHow J2 Brings Visibility To Health Provider Networks, and Why We’re Backers

At the core of the ~$4.1 trillion American healthcare system are medical providers. Whether you’re going to your primary care provider for a routine checkup or seeing a specialist for a more complex issue, it is people who deliver the care that helps us and our loved ones stay healthy.

Yet, when payers and other risk-bearing healthcare organizations want to better understand the quality of the care being delivered and the costs associated with it, they lack a modern solution with real-time insights. Given the massive costs of providing care and the huge health implications for individuals, this is astounding. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be to employ thousands of people and spend millions of dollars, but not have the ability to quickly understand your company’s performance?

Josh Poretz, the Founder and CEO of J2 Health, is shifting this reality and empowering healthcare organizations to get real-time insights into their most valuable asset.

At its core, J2 Health is a data and analytics business that helps healthcare organizations better understand and optimize their healthcare provider network. Today, given disjointed data and manual processes, it’s difficult for organizations to ensure the quality, the accessibility, and the affordability of medical providers whom they send members to. By aggregating data and layering in intelligence, J2 enables organizations to strategically build and maintain their provider networks more efficiently.

When we first met Josh, an Oscar Health alumnus who built Oscar’s networks, we were immediately impressed by his deep expertise in the market and his unique insights about how to solve this massive problem. His story is similar to many founders in the world of healthcare today. After growing up in the world of digital health and growing frustrated by the lack of software in the market, he realized he needed to build the solution himself.

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and federal regulation continues to drive the United States towards value based care, with a goal of 100% of Medicare patients in a value based care program by 2030, it’s more imperative than ever that healthcare organizations have sophisticated tools to ensure a high quality of care for patients. Coupled with the growth of narrow and speciality focused health plans, provider contracting and management has never been more important than today.

We are incredibly excited to officially welcome J2 Health and Josh to the Primary family as they rebuild the infrastructure of network management.

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