Gina is responsible for building and engaging the growing Primary network.

Gina is a connector and a project manager.  As Director of Community, she is responsible for catalyzing relationships and opportunities that accelerate organizational and professional development for the Primary portfolio.

Gina saw the power of venture firms as conveners during her previous role as a Partner on the Market Development team at Andreessen Horowitz. There, she oversaw the New York Executive Briefing program and managed the firm’s roadshows connecting portfolio companies with corporate partners around the world.  She has an ambitious vision of building new connections as she works to expand Primary’s powerful existing ecosystem.

Gina began her career at a startup within Major League Soccer, as one of New York City Football Club’s first employees. As the company grew, she wore many hats, from working on grassroots marketing campaigns to running game-day operations and logistics at Yankee Stadium.

Gina attended the University of Colorado, Boulder, and has lived in New York ever since.


The Rest of the Story

I grew up in the beach town of Dana Point in Southern California. I chased my love for the outdoors to Boulder, Colorado, where I learned to snowboard on the weekends and found a new appreciation for live music and the changing seasons. After graduating, an internship dragged me further east to New York City.  While I yearned to one day get back to the beach, I was captivated by the energy of the city and quickly realized that this was where I was going to stay. 

I found my passion in VC when I landed at Andreessen Horowitz. I love being surrounded by the inspiring entrepreneurs and sharp minds of the venture world. Outside of work, I can be found at the gym, planning my next trip, trying out new restaurants or recently honing my own skills in the kitchen.

Stuff You Wouldn't Know

  • First Job: When I was 15, I worked as a hostess at the local watering hole in the Dana Point Harbor.  Known for its Mai Tais, which carried a strict two-drink cut off for all patrons, we served a customer base largely made up of  fishermen, weekend sailors and under-age deck hands.
  • Greatest Life Experience: Moving to New York.  I was suddenly 3,000 miles from home, with no friends or family to lean on.  It ended up being the best decision I could have made. While overwhelming and daunting at times, the experience and the people that I met along the way truly shaped who and where I am today.
  • Most Humbling Life Experience: New York City Football Club’s inaugural home match at Yankee Stadium.  As a part of the team from the very beginning, I had the opportunity to witness many milestones and firsts for the team that led up to this momentous event. We had all worked so hard on building a fan base and spent countless weeks planning that first game. When it came time for kickoff, I looked around the stadium in awe. Standing, cheering, chanting, decked out in City Blue, I saw 42,000 fans who had filled the stadium seats to see the match! Didn’t hurt that we came away with the victory, 2-0.
  • Random Fact: My dad is an off-road fanatic, part-time daredevil and all-around speed demon.  I love the thrill of being strapped in the passenger seat of a dune buggy, charging down the Baja peninsula in search of our next tacos.