Primary's Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp

A 4-week program for rising healthcare executives to gain tactical insights and learn about emerging technology and trends in the industry. The sessions will include deep dives into VC fundamentals, market trends, and metric-driven approaches to evaluate business opportunities and pick the winners. The curriculum is led by top health tech investors and some of the hottest startup CEOs and executives in the space.

What you'll get out of our program

Expand your knowledge, network, and gain a 360-view on the future of healthcare from top investors and thought leaders in the space

Leveling up

2-3 hours of weekly programming spanning Spotlight Sessions, Tactic Talks, Panels, and Office Hours

Network building

Build relationships with healthcare VCs, startup CEOs, peers, and the broader Primary team through programming and Slack channels

Peer groups

Participate in intimate learning sessions – opt-in to smaller groups guided by a designated senior leaders to discuss learnings

Community platform

Access an expansive library of tools, templates, recordings, member directory and other offline materials on the program's Notion page and dedicated Slack channel

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Hear from speakers at

Speakers include Executives & Partners from…

Program curriculum led by Sam Toole and Marisa Bass, Investors at Primary:

Week 1: VC Fundamentals

Week 2: Picking Winners & the Anatomy of the Deal

Week 3: Market Spotlights

Week 4: POV of a Startup CEO: Navigating Healthcare + Healthcare Career Panel

Types of Programming & Features

Tactical Programming

Dive into metrics-driven “how to” content with top healthcare investors and thought leaders across the industry

Networking Opportunities

Grow your network with participants and speakers in the program through the curriculum sessions, in-person events, office hours, and small breakout groups

Office Hours

Schedule chats with our experts to go deeper into content, or get tailored advice specific to your function and role

Intimate Learning Groups

Apply curriculum learnings and opt in to the intimate learning sessions led by speakers and industry experts

Member Directory

Gain access to a directory of quality healthcare leaders

Resource Hub

Enjoy ongoing access to a database of resources and recorded sessions


Ready to accelerate your career in the future of healthcare?

We are offering the inaugural Primary’s Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp for $50 before January 22nd, and $200 thereafter. We have limited slots available. Last day to apply is February 3rd.