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Jason Shuman


Jason focuses his investing activities on marketplace startups and consumer web.

Jason is a Principal at Primary Ventures and has been working in New York as a VC for the past four years.  In college, Jason launched a direct-to-consumer footwear company that sold hand-sewn boat shoes and driving moccasins. He later went on to work at New York-based seed fund Corigin Ventures, where he invested in several companies including Latch, Loftsmart and Morty.

Most recently, Jason was the Chief of Staff to Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) Co-Founder Mark Gerson, where he managed all venture and LP investments for Gerson’s family office. His other responsibilities included corporate development, partnerships and strategy at Julius, a venture-backed influencer marketing software company.

Jason is passionate about working with founders that impact consumer behavior and daily living. He earned his BBA in entrepreneurship and marketing from the University of Miami.


The Rest of the Story

Born and raised outside of Boston, I grew up in a big family of entrepreneurs. Ever since I was in middle school, I was obsessed with the idea of starting a company. From mobile payments on flip phones to an advertising marketplace for US postal trucks to help reduce the deficit, my middle school days were filled with business plans and annoying my family with ideas. After years of having been told to either shut up or do it, I launched my first company during my days at The U.

Outside of work, I’m all about sports, food and travel. I’m a huge Miami Hurricanes and Boston sports fan. On the cooking front, I can’t live without my slow cooker (unfortunately having a smoker in a NYC apartment is difficult to pull off). And as for travel, Thailand, Colombia, Israel and Australia are among my favorite destinations.

Stuff You Wouldn't Know

  • First Job: Growing up, I went to overnight camp in Maine at Camp Cedar. Whenever we went to sports tournaments at other camps, we’d stop by a pizza place called A&G on the way back. Each time we’d stop there, I’d buy as many pizzas as I could, break them up into slices and sell them off to other campers at a nice 10X markup. I wouldn’t consider this my first real job, but it was certainly my first 10X!
  • Greatest Achievement: Starting a company was easily the most difficult and mentally challenging thing that I have ever done, and by far the best learning experience. My best friends and I raised $50,000 for a footwear company, which, looking back, was not nearly enough. Every day was a grind. I drove around the country for nearly a month to pick up strategic retail accounts. I had to convince factory owners in remote parts of the world to give a 21-year-old entrepreneur credit terms and space on their manufacturing line. We maxed out credit cards, learned Facebook marketing from scratch, built a break-even company and made decisions every day without truly knowing what we were doing.
  • Most Humbling Experience: When I was six months old, I was diagnosed with Primary Immune Deficiency (PID), which has impacted my life in multiple ways. For one, I grew up as the face of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting PID research, for which I've done a lot of fundraising and patient advocacy work. This role helped me realize my Why: Helping people build the confidence and skill set to go out and achieve their goals.
  • Random Fact: I've attended a Tony Robbins seminar.