Founders don't need "helpful."

We deliver outcomes.

Primary Impact

So founders can focus on what's ahead.

Hundreds of Hires

We see processes all the way through and regularly fill more than half of your first dozen roles.

Driving Real ARR

Million-dollar pilots, sales call review and coaching, customer retention strategies, and even scaled prospecting.

Top Models

We do finance for you—wildly beyond early stage standards—to set operations in the right direction.

Your Next Investors

Our sophisticated, fast style has a16z, Bessemer, Insight, and other top firms lining up for your Series A.

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Tommy Nicholas, Laura Spiekerman, and Charles Hearn

Fairer finance, a million identity decisions at a time

First invested: 2015

Dr. Harry Ritter

Simplifying access to high-quality and affordable mental health care

First invested: 2018

Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan

The leading private network for the world's most powerful women

First invested: 2017

Ryan Denehy

The help desk every mid-sized business deserves

First invested: 2016
K HealthK HealthK HealthK Health

Allon Bloch, Ran Shaul, Adam Singolda, Israel Roth

24/7, personalized, virtual healthcare—anytime, anywhere

First invested: 2016

Brynn Putnam

The nearly invisible home gym—and new category of screen; Lululemon acquired

First invested: 2016

Ilir Sela

Tech for independent pizzerias—and online ordering for consumers

First invested: 2015

Aaron Schumm

Powering modern-day workplace savings and investing programs

First invested: 2016
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Our team is your team

People drive everything we do. And our team plays to win.

Meet The Team

"We roll up our sleeves"?


A lot of VC firms say they help founders—most of the time, that's bullshit.

Primary's commitment to that promise begins with how we invest: We take a low-volume, high-conviction approach—because we devote unreasonable resources toward making sure founders can succeed.

The differentiator, unheard of in seed VC, is Primary Impact: We have a track record of making hires, signing customers, and securing next rounds to supercharge the growth of New York City’s most successful startups.

Here, you'll find a few examples of the work our team does alongside founders and their teams.

The main takeaway

Your Series A—twice as likely with us.

The value of our deep work alongside founders—in addition to our network, guidance on business model narratives, and fundraising support—is proven out by a portfolio Series A success rate of more than twice the industry average.


Financial modeling to operate smarter from the start

Pan Chaudhury tapped Primary to calibrate an appropriate hiring plan and ensure solid unit economics for a people-intensive business scaling rapidly. The model—which Pan would have had to hire full-time staff to create otherwise—provided a detailed perspective on the long term gross margin potential for the business that was key for downstream investors.

Secure ARR

Day one sales strategy drives 100% retention rate

Stefan Bauer excelled at every challenge he'd ever taken on, but he had never led sales calls before. With Primary's frameworks for pipeline coverage, qualification targets, and sales targeting, he signed deals with top school districts, and found Series A funding from a16z and Sir Richard Branson.


"A managing director at a prestigious later-stage firm said my comments were the best answers he’s ever heard to sales questions and a master class—a Cassie Young product!”

- Stefan Bauer, Cofounder and CEO of Marker Learning

Hire like a pro

A team of 6—plus a recruiter—staffed in 4 months

As Black Crow surpassed stretch goals and prepared for a Series A, the team was challenged with multiple urgent GTM roles for pipeline coverage. Primary staffed 6 GTM roles plus a recruiter inheriting A+ recruiting hygiene and repeatable hiring playbooks left behind for AEs, BDRs, Marketing.


"Building this team ourselves would have taken us at least twice as long and cost us millions in missed pipeline. The difference with Primary as a whole is they really want to get shit done—and they deliver."

- Richard Harris, Black Crow